Favorite Children’s Ministry Resoures

Children’s Ministry: there’s no better place in your church to build up a generation who loves God more than this world.  It’s a privilege to serve in Children’s Ministry. I’ve worked in Children’s Ministry, affectionately known as KidMin, for as long as I can remember.  In fact, I’ve been serving in[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Transitioning to Homeschool

We’ve looked at lots of things on our Considering Homeschool journey: legal aspects, methods, curriculum, and budgeting to name a few. But what does all of this mean if you’re not homeschooling from the beginning?  How do you transition from public or private school into homeschool life?  Overall, the to-do[Read more]

Contemplating Christmas – Less is More

Anyone out there feeling a little stressed by the pressure of creating a magical Christmas experience for those precious kids this year? (Tweet this) Christmas isn’t usually a stressful thing for me.  This year, though, I’ve found myself wondering how in the world some of the things we’ve planned are[Read more]