An Invitation to Rest (& Free Printables!)

An Invitation to Rest, plus free scripture printables

“He (Jesus) worked six days, then rested one.  He stopped His work and ceased His routine.  He enjoyed His family.  And He worshiped His heavenly Father and did not defy the cadence of life that God initiated.” (This post contains affiliate links. Please see disclosure for details.) When I read Stephen[Read more]

The Rundown: Week in Review

Cold and cooped-up are probably the best two words to describe this week.  Yet again, we’re all sniffling, sneezing, and dealing with all sorts of less-than-pleasant things.  Let’s start with a peek outside this week since it was a bit prettier out there.  Did I mention that it was cold here? [Read more]

Walk in Truth Scripture Hunt

Looking for something different to do with the kids or families in your ministry?  My Walk in Truth Scripture Hunt is a great way to explore God’s Word with the children in your church or even your home.  Not sure what a scripture hunt is?  Just think of it as a scripture-based[Read more]

The Rundown: Week in Review

Anyone else out there feeling less than productive this week?  I feel lucky that we got anything accomplished this week.  Here’s what we were able to mark off our list: Homeschool The Boy’s week was fairly normal.  Luckily, my craziness doesn’t affect him too much when it comes to his homeschooling. [Read more]

Beyond Playtime: Preschool at Home

A few months ago I began writing my Considering Homeschool series.  The series addresses the questions that often come up when someone asks how to begin homeschooling.  One of those posts, Home From the Start, covers homeschooling preschool and how my thoughts on preschool have changed through the years. (This post contains affiliate links; please see[Read more]