Considering Homeschool: Homeschool on a budget

If you’ve had a chance to research homeschool methods and curriculum options, it’s quite possible that those dollar signs are starting to make you dizzy.  I get it. Homeschooling can be a budget nightmare. How on earth are you supposed to do this and still pay your bills? (This post contains affiliate[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Day to Day Logistics

Our Considering Homeschool journey has led us on several important stops thus far: reading, reflection, and research (book suggestions, state legal considerations, etc.); preschool at home; and an overview of homeschool methods.  Those are all crucial topics to cover before beginning homeschool. Once you have an idea of what your state[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Methods

Exploring homeschool methods can be an interesting, yet intimidating part of considering homeschool.   You may have already done some reading about these schools of thought and instantly identified with a method. Maybe this all seems like gibberish to you.  Either way, we’re going to take a brief look at some well-loved homeschool methods.  (This[Read more]