10 More Books for Homeschool Parents


I’m always looking for new books for homeschool parents to add to my reading list. Although I’ve read lots of them already, I happily continue reading and view them as as source of continuing education. (Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) I’ve shared some of my favorite homeschool books[Read more]

Planting Missional Churches: Starting Churches that Multiply

Planting Missional Churches Review

The idea of planting missional churches is something I can get behind, both as a pastor’s wife and as a Christ-follower. Church planting, however, isn’t my area of experience because we’ve always served long-established churches. I received a complimentary copy of this title for review purposes. See disclosure for details. In fact,[Read more]

Homeschool 101: The Socialization Solution


Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets folks stirred up like the topic of homeschool socialization. Some even consider this the primary argument against homeschooling. That’s why it’s a topic that can’t be ignored in my Homeschool 101 series. The thing is, true socialization occurs so naturally that we’re never depriving our kids of it[Read more]

6 Tips for Successful Family Math Lessons


The prospect of family math lessons isn’t one I’ve entertained in the past given the five year age difference between my two kids. But since I’m all for simplifying our homeschool time, I’m happy to have Danielle from Blessedly Busy sharing her tips for successful family math lessons with us:  [Read more]

Introducing Music Appreciation Through Children’s Books

Introducing Music Appreciation Through Children's Books

Teaching music can be a daunting task for many homeschool parents, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way. As it turns out, introducing music appreciation to our kids can be as simple as reading the right books. (Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) My ten year-old enjoys learning[Read more]

Unit Study Planning Tips (+ Free Planning Worksheet)

Unit Study Planning

Looking to explore a new topic with your kids or dive deeper into an area of interest? A homeschool unit study may be exactly what you need!  Today, I’m sharing my tips for unit study planning to help you get started with your own study! (Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for[Read more]